These tutorials starts with the very basics of C++. An existing knowledge of C language would be an advantage but it is not prerequisite. All that is needed is a desire to learn this language and curiosity to understand how C++ works. So let’s get stared –


C ++ is considered as an intermediate-level programming language, which means that it allows high level programming of applications as well as low level of libraries that works to close o the hardware.

C++ is general purpose mid level language developed by Bjarne Stroustroup at Bell Labs in 1979.

C++ is a successor of C Language.

C++ is object oriented language and it implements concepts such as inheritance, abstraction , encapsulation, polymorphism.

In 1998, C++ first standard version was sanctioned by ISO committee in ISO/IEC.

Applications that are using C++ -

1. Operating Systems

2. Device drivers

3. Office applications

4. Web servers

5. Cloud based applications

6. Search engines

7. Network programming language