What is HTML?

HTML is a phrase which stands for Hyper text Markup Language which is used for creating web pages and web applications.

As a word suggests hyper text means Text within Text. Whenever you click on any link and it redirects you to a new web page, means you have clicked on a hypertext.

Markup Language is a computer language that is used to apply layout and formatting conventions to a text document. Markup language makes text more interactive and dynamic. It can turn text into images, tables, links etc.

A web page is a document which is commonly written in HTML and translated by a web browser. A web page can be identified by entering a URL. Web pages are of two types static and dynamic, but with the help of HTML we can create only static pages.

HTML elements are represented by tags and each tag contains different content.

A Simple HTML Example:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Title of page </title>
<h1> Write your First Heading </h1>
<p> Write your First paragraph </p>



Elucidation of HTML example:

<!DOCTYPE> : it defines the document type, also instruct the browser about version of HTML.

<html> : this elements is a root element which works as a container for the html page, it contains each and everything which is defined in a html page except .

<head> : this element is the first element under the element which describes the meta information of page. Always it should be closed before body tag opens.

<body> : text which is displayed to the end user is defined under the body tag, it contains the main content of the HTML document.

<h1> : text define under this shows the first heading of the page.

<p> : text define under

element shows the paragraph of the page.