HTML Structure

Choosing your HTML editor (HTML Structure)

• As a beginner to HTML, one should use the Notepad to create HTML page, as HTML file is a text file we can use any text editors.

• After learning the basics, you can easily switch to some other professional text editors.

• A good HTML editor will keep your code clean and organized, it will also detect when you open a new tag and automatically close it to avoid the buggy code.

There are many free and paid HTML editors, below are the some top options you can choose:

• HTML-Kit

• CoffeeCup

• KompoZer

• Notepad++

• Codelobster

Steps for creating your first web page using Notepad:

Step 1: Open Notepad on PC

Open the start screen on the left bottom type Notepad on search bar.

Step 2: Write some HTML code in notepad

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1> My first heading </h1>
<p> My first paragraph </p>

Step 3: Saving your HTML page

Save the html file which you have created in your computer choosing the path, select file > Save as in the notepad menu or you can also save by clicking CTRL+S.

Name the file and save it with extension .htm or .html.

Step 4: Viewing the HTML page in your browser

Open the saved HTML file in your browser (Internet explorer or mozilafirefox), double click on the file, or choose the browser by clicking right click and open with.